Housekeeping Routines For The Weird

"moon conjunct pluto" Lately I think a lot about… magick and sacred space, space clearing, power, peace, protection, about dispersal of negativity and how intention matters more than any tool or object but how helpful it is to have the object, like the Tarot deck in which to gaze upon and look away, gaze upon, look away… I think about a lot of things.

From my Facebook this morning:

A bowl or cup of dried rose in water will suck negative energy out of your environment. I learned this from a Medicine Woman back in December and it’s time for me to get more rose from Flower Power. I put some out last night. IT WORKS.

Not that our bodies or our spaces are bad but DUST EXISTS. Schmutz exists. Consider it Housekeeping. 

HOUSEKEEPING. It all goes hand in hand for me. My magic is practical. Moon conjunct Pluto in VIRGO, the nurse, fixer, healer. The transmutation of the space, the place, and the EMOTIONAL body. CHANGE. TRANSFORMATION.

Also from my Facebook today: 

On doing ritual work today (candle magick and meditation) to transmute feelings. Feelings that may feel dark and heavy and gunky unpleasant and did you know that you can “deal” with feelings in THIS way too? DEFINITELY A MOON PLUTO TOPIC.

Some people let feelings FESTER and they sink down. Some deny. Some let them flow. Some let them just be there, without any action. Well THIS is another way, another option. Through magick.

"saturn in sagittarius"So the next time your feelings are heavy and sharp and intense and distracting you from what you need to do, think about this. About developing new skills, practices.

ALSO on working from home and having a Uranus-ruled 6th House: 

Folks who work from home, self-employed or not, you need ROUTINE yes but some of us need routine + wandering… (or even if you don’t work from home but are organizing your time when home):

I am thinking of a gal with a 6th House Aquarius Moon – she has got to do her own schedule her own way! I don’t have Moon there but my 6th is Uranus ruled.

I work in these “weird” patterns but I also can have laser beam organized focus.

I have different work spaces and go from room to room and long as I’m organized? I don’t get overwhelmed but I need that TO-DO list to be PRISTINE. I am working on the FLOOR today with all my papers and notebooks spread out around me. THE DESK IS NOT ENOUGH. The desk has books and tea and more papers and…

… I start to wonder if I could keep this apartment after all, so much good space but it’s a particularly quiet Saturday morning. It isn’t always that way.

How do you keep house? 


PS I’m so excited for my blog makeover this month! Stay tuned for new look and new goodies!

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