Horoscopes For The Week Of January 17th: Libra – Pisces

"horoscopes for jan 17th"

I wouldn’t be surprised if you make a bold move or two this week, Libra. I’m getting the sense that you’re ready. You remind me of Lady’s Thistle, Firey, Marsy, protective. Employ this herb for your Dark Night of the Soul. He will give you strength. You are the glowing coal. Am I predicting you will succumb to the melancholy mood, Libra? Something like that. Something. But there’s more. Listen: this is one week among many. 2016 has just begun. Let this gnarled wretched piece die out. Put it on the pyre. Let the smoke fill your perfect nostrils. Am I suggesting ritual? Yes, I am. Every night until the Full Moon in Leo finally extinguishes that which no longer serves you. 


Mix these together, in any form: almond, pine, mint. Wash the floors with it. Dab your earlobes with it. Sprinkle it in the corners, on the altar. Money is coming. New job? Bonus? Raise? Your forecast for this week is insanely practical, dear Scorpio, and yet not. Success comes from gathering your herbal allies even MORE than sending out resumes this week, not that you should abandon any paperwork or plans but add THIS in too. Almond. Pine. Mint. A heavily diluted mixture for the bath? At the very least, write down the words. Post where you can daily see them. 


My Full Moon in Leo forecast for you was all about relaxation and enjoying yourself and that’s exactly what I see for you for this week. You NEED this. How good you’ve been since Saturn entered your sign. How sensible! Do your friends even recognize you? Less party and more hardy. Well, the balance is meant to be tipped and tip it you shall. Or should. And for you I recommend Brother Basil. He will help you fly.


What I see is that you do not trust yourself. And I wish I could shake you out of that. My recommendation is two fold.  1) do no altar-work this week. Do not concentrate your energy until the Full Moon but instead 2) disperse it. You can go to the crossroads. You can go to the mall. You can go to the beach. I want you to open sesame. If you find you cannot (and how you know this is another story) then I recommend Angelica. Carry him with you. He will help you. Root of the Holy Ghost. Angelica “self-seeds.” You do too. 


A week of celebration, similar to Gemini’s forecast, but less hard and harsh because victory (mentioned in the Gemini scope) usually implies a battle and there’s no battle here for you, Aquarius, just the dance. Good times. I do not have an herbal or magickal recommendation except to continue. Continue. The current circumstance is exciting but stable and I know you like to play Jenga with your life so listen to me: you are ruled by both Uranus AND Saturn and Saturn rules structure. What you must dismantle is the old bomb, not the new love.


The waves. Green and blue and blue green. The waves. White caps. Daydreams. This week you get to be yourself, Pisces, and I’m relieved to tell you this. Meditation, contemplation, imagination, You are the psychic fish. The poet. Sandalwood. I see (and smell) Sandalwood for your week but ONLY if you want more of this psychic stuff. She will swell your clairvoyance like the waves swell. “She sang beyond the genius of the sea,” wrote Wallace Stevens. “For she was the maker of the song she sang.” Oh Pisces, you know that serve or suffer thing? Don’t do either this week.

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