Horoscopes For The Week Of January 17th: Aries – Virgo (Part One)

Do you garden, Aries? Do you grow? What do you grow? I see remarkable proliferation this week. Here are some suggestions: High John the Conqueror. Lime. Holly. Onion. If you do not know know the magical gravity of these herbal items then please consult your occult library. You thought all was lost? Dead? Think again. Begin again. The Ace is in Pentacles for you, dear Aries. You are the solid start.

We begin the week with the Moon in your sign, tactile Taurus, which can feel sweet or low, depending on the bull. Personally I dislike a Lunar Return but what I see for you this week is what you already possess, in spades: your refusal to be perturbed, hooked. To quote Richard and Linda Thompson: it’s just the motion. Does this week require your celebrated patience? Yes. Yes it does. When I ask why, my crystal tells me this: someone thinks he (or she) KNOWS. But you know too. Trust your solar plexus i.e. your GUT.

Oh happy day, Gemini. Happy week. You WIN. Last night at the Shabbat table my host and hostess and I were discussing the sphere of Netzach on the Tree of Life, oft translated as VICTORY. Winning. Whether you invoke the might of Netzach this week I cannot say for certain but I do know this: you have left the empty wilderness for the Promised Land. Rejoice and eat your meat. Your head will catch up to your heart soon enough.

Last night at the Shabbat table, my host uttered this holy word, “redemption.” Here are some synonyms: recovery. Reclamation. Return. We are deep in Mercury Retrograde time in your opposite sign, dear Cancer. How many revelations (revolutions?) per second? Many. Plenty. This week they start to pop like cosmic popcorn. Nothing is as it seems. Let me be more precise: you have material reality but you also have what is really going on. The moon is blooming.

And the Wheel turns. Dim morning light. Freezing rain. Quiet. The cat wants out. T.S. Eliot’s Prufrock springs to mind. Decisions and revisions. Is this you? Your spring, rebirth, isn’t that far away but you have to do THIS first. You have to experience THIS first. I’m not telling you to settle, I’m not telling you not to wave your angry fist at whoever is listening, but I am here to remind you that the Wheel, the circle, symbolizes perfection, and, I promise you, is advancing UP. 

This was the scene: last night you decided on the large vase instead of the small vase for the flowers so they would have room to spread their wings and the graceful cat less likely to tip them over. Our Rabbi and Rebbetzin did not forsake us knowledge, breath, depth, humor, song, wine, fish.  Dear Virgo, this week I predict for you a magical table with friends. Take root. Establish yourself like the big vase. Who do you invite to join you? Invite them all!