Hope For Jupiter In Gemini

"jupiter in gemini"Jupiter is currently transiting the sign of Gemini. And Jupiter in Gemini has special meaning for those folks who have their natal Jupiter in the 3rd House. This transit matches their natal vibration. Think about it!

Jupiter in Gemini or Jupiter in the 3rd is the desire for or an abundance of… GEMINI i.e. information!

According to Jeanne Avery, the Jupiter 3rd House person has a “special gift for sales,” so here’s your homework:

Look in your chart and find the current Jupiter in Gemini transit because it’s THERE that you will be able to sell your…. viewpoint? ideas? services? products? SELF?

If a 3rd House Jupiter is persuasive then Jupiter in Gemini makes all of us persuasive but for each person, it’s different, it’s according to your chart, your spirit.

And another thing about Jupiter (and Sagittarius): there must be an objective, a plan, a purpose. And all the better if the objective, the plan, the purpose is to a certain extent over there on the horizon! If it’s too easy? It’s not enough. Jupiter needs to reach. Jupiter needs to expand YOU.

So think about this with Jupiter in Gemini: many goals but WHERE? Again, find the Gemini house in your chart for clues…

Love, MP

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