Hop On! Mars Direct Friday the 13th!

"pluto square uranus"

Yesterday Pluto stationed retrograde.

Our slow-moving outer planets going retrograde in and of itself isn’t really news. What is striking though is that Pluto and Uranus will square this summer as Uranus moves forward and Pluto moves back and then Uranus moves back!

Consider this square to be active all summer long. Consider it a dance. With grenades.


In potentially more cheerful news though, Mars stations direct tomorrow yay! He still has to fuss his way through most of Virgo but hell yes he wants to MOOOOOOOOVE forward.

Other Friday flavors:

Talking EST, the Moon will be void of course in Capricorn for a big chunk of the afternoon and then enter Aquarius in the early evening.

The Sun will be at 23 Aries. Mercury at 27 Pisces. Venus at 9 Gemini (notice that Pluto went retrograde at 9 Capricorn). Mars goes direct at 3 degrees Virgo.

Jupiter at 16 Taurus. Saturn Rx at 26 Libra. Uranus at 5 Aries. Neptune at 2 Pisces.

And when I list the numbers like this, think about how they match up to your own chart. 

The most interesting thing about these numbers was Mars moving back back back in opposition to Neptune, creating confusion, even chaos in your Mars and Neptune houses.

Will it all get straightened out? 

Eventually. Or you’ll move on. To new confusions, new chaos 😉

Have a beautiful day, everyone! Now that my computer is up and running again, life feels a bit back to normal… 


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