Honor Your Venus, Okay?

On the first day of class, I wrote about wanting to go deep with Venus and make discoveries that excite me — partly from rereading the “cookbooks” and rereading the deep astrology writers so that my own thoughts have more substance.

Caroline Casey writes about honoring Venus and it got me thinking about my own and thinking about yours and how you and you and you can honor your Venus which of course leads us to the WHAT IS YOUR VENUS PROBLEM question ๐Ÿ˜‰

With Venus currently in Virgo, this is perfect because Virgo wants it perfect. We may not get to that particular holy land, but… the journey is worth it.


I hate fighting with my boyfriend. It happens though. I hate it every time. I think I’m not supposed to write about these things. Partly because I often hate people’s responses to the personal stuff — they try to give me advice… Prickly crab am I ๐Ÿ™‚

But I know in the end it is worth it. Someone will read this blog post and it will be just what they need to hear. Maybe not tonight. Maybe some other night.

Venus, your Venus, shows what you value, what means the world to you. Howard Sasportas talks about… the need to recognize and accept (hmm that may be my word) and respect what your Venus likes and desires. Why? So that you can love yourself.

My boyfriend has a 7th House Venus. What does he value? RELATIONSHIP. His Mars is in the 7th too. He’ll fight FOR it.

Yes, you will be much happier, once you know what your Venus prefers.

Your thoughts? What does your Venus want? How could you honor her?ย 

Love, MP


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