Holy Mars In Pisces And A Little Poem For Saturday

On the message board, one of the gals pulls a Tarot card or two or three each day and sometimes I follow suit. Sometimes I don’t want to know!

Today I got a lovely spread and my intention was to draw for *me* but also the essence of the day, and I swear I look like Einstein here as I type: crazy mad scientist hair (he was a Pisces by the way) and what cards do I get? Happy, but working cards 🙂

The Sun, the  3 of Pentacles and the the Page of Pentacles.

And one thing I’d never considered in regards to the 3 of Pents is the literal art/artistic (and spiritual) connection which links back to my Mars in Pisces post from last night.

These words from Tarot amazing Rachel Pollack: to the right stand a monk and an architect holding the plans of the church. Together the three figures signify that the best work combines both technical skill (Air) and spiritual understanding (Water) with energy and desire (Fire). 

I wrote some notes to myself in the margin: hard work resulting in mastery.

Pollack also makes the point that “practical work, done consciously, and with commitment, may serve as the vehicle for self-development.” She connects this to psychic development as well and that it’s occurring here, interestingly enough, in the daily life of the earthy Pentacles.

Thus, my friends, my advice for Mars in Pisces: diligence, step-by-step thinking, goal-oriented but keeping in mind that you may not reach the goal until your next lifetime 🙂 This transit is not wasted. And you apply this Mars strategy towards some spiritual or creative or compassionate design.

Mars in Pisces is an EXCELLENT transit for starting a meditation practice or a prayer practice or magical practice. Think about it. No limit to the possibilities and you can call on Virgo techniques (Pisces’ opposite) to create a little bit of order because we don’t want chaos (which Neptune rules) but we do want the vision and a good flow of water 🙂

Interesting, I think, that this transit is starting as the first Meditation Mini-Course is ending.

“Imagine if all the tumult of the body were to quiet down, along with all our busy thoughts about earth, sea, and air; if the very world should stop and the mind cease thinking about itself, go beyond itself, and be quite still…”

He could be talking about meditation, right? It’s a partial quote from St. Augustine.

Let this unofficial beginning of Pisces Season bring you to God. And by that I mean… whatever YOU define as sacred, as set apart. Holy. I use the word God because I’m totally comfortable with it but I know not everyone is.

Mars in Pisces says: connect. Merge. You aren’t alone. You think you are but you’re part of a much larger whole which has absolutely nothing to do with your BODY. It has everything to do with PASSION (Mars) and desire (Mars) but it’s higher. It’s lighter. It’s clear, open, and free.

I’ll stop here so I can share a Little Poem for Saturday:



All day in the city, you waited for what?

It arrived and you were grateful.

But remember the first time you went away,

and the dresses you abandoned were weeping?

I think you knew what would happen.

And maybe that is why you did it.

The moonlight would be kind to them,

outline their almost empty figures,

and give them life.

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