Hold On To Your Hats, Virgos!

We sometimes share our favorite YouTube videos on the message board and there is this one astrologer dude we all enjoy.

He was talking about the vast Pisces energy in late February and early March and someone mentioned February 27th and I went to check and OH YES there shall be Pisces!

Venus Neptune Chiron Sun in the earlier degrees (a stellium) and then a Mercury (retrograde!) Mars conjunction at 18/20 degrees.

Who is this good for?

Water people for sure. Earth people too although… many Virgos *do not* like this much emphasis in their opposite sign HOWEVER it’s so extreme that… I think you could be open to the possibility that it will be more interesting than button-pushing. But we shall see 🙂

I have a fair amount of Virgo myself (South Node conjunct Virgo Asc/Virgo Moon conjunct Pluto/North Node in the 6th House) so I plan to be reporting on this as I feel it.

Jupiter in Gemini will square the Pisces energy. Saturn, the North Node, and Pluto will support it. This is a good sky… just make sure that you don’t take Jupiter at his word. Jupiter puffs up. Jupiter promises.

And don’t ignore the “lower vibration” of Pisces/Neptune energy that a square can bring: confusion, illusion, delusion, denial, chaos. Charlatans, victims and martyrs oh my!

The real risk is in… fooling someone or getting fooled yourself. Don’t think you are safe from either with this much fishy in the sky.

Squares, I was thinking this morning, make you feel insecure. You think everyone is better than you. You strive to overcome. Dark nights of the soul and crisis of faith are routine. But Pisces/Neptune squares can have the opposite affect. You do nothing. You are driftwood drifting along driftily.

Looking at it another way: you could very well benefit from the Jupiter/Pisces square in big ways. Jupiter = luck, opportunity and Pisces knows no bounds.

This is only the first post on this topic. There will be more 🙂


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