Hidden Fire of the Virgo Rising (Eclipsing!)

I was preparing my second cup of coffee this morning and delighting in the sound of the birds from outside. I started thinking about the 12th House and wondering if 12th House people need quiet and solitude more than others. What do you think?

Previous to this apartment, I lived in a place so noisy… I shudder to remember. Noise stress is no joke, especially the unpredictable kind: you don’t know when the party will start or when it will end. And then there were the times when the noise level would fluctuate over an hour. Your body would start to relax and then BOOM.

So not a day passes that I don’t thank my lucky stars that I wound up here. Because it could have been otherwise. And even though it was tragic to get here (long story), where I am now is good. Hearing the birds reminds me of this fact. Hearing nothing but the birds reminds me of this fact.

Other sounds: my fingers tapping the keyboard, the ticking of a clock, my roommate’s intermittent snoring 🙂 a wee bit of far away traffic, the hum of the PC, the ding of the cell phone to announce an email, a door closing across the way.

For many Virgo Risings, the Full Moon eclipse in Sagittarius will take place in the 4th House, which is the house of home, literally, and is associated with the sign of Cancer.

Sagittarius and Cancer are inconjunct to one another which is an aspect that means “needs adjustment.” The two signs can’t see each other across a crowded room, as in an opposition. It’s at this… funny angle. How do they relate? How can they possibly relate? Adjustment is needed to even look each other in the eye. Two steps forward, one step back? Adjust. One step forward, two steps back? Adjust. Yes, it’s like a dance.  Not all Virgo Risings will leave home or move house this year, but some definitely will.

But back to the 12th House: I need quiet, silence, solitude wherever I live. I need it to function. I need it for my peace. I know that today, in today’s modern world, there are even more people without such requirements. For example, the neighbors who drove me mad for far too long.  And for a Virgo Rising, the 4th House and the 12th House trine. Sagittarius and Leo.

The Virgo Rising’s fire self is hidden, buried away, and this eclipse may bring it all forward, opening the doors of the 4th and the 12th, letting out the moon. Can you imagine? The Moon like a dog, heading out for a stroll and some fresh air. A treat.

So for this Full  Moo Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, love your moon, your natal moon, wherever it is, however it is aspected. It’s been neglected far too long, your feeling self, your nurturing, your 12th, your 4th, your 8th, your water houses, your literal or metaphorical mother or mothering. Give birth, moon-like, to whatever is on the way.

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