Hey! Where’s Your Pallas Athena?

Mine’s in the 7th House, in Pisces, and often I’ve wondered if that gives me a little Mars in the 7th. Oops. Am I being sexist? Who was this Pallas Athena? A strategist! Goddess of war, goddess of wisdom.

So… maybe a bit less sweaty than our buddy Mars (i.e. Aries, her brother)  but no less fearless. No less brave. The brains of the family? My favorite detail about the Athena story is her birth, that she was born fully-grown, wearing armor, from Zeus’ forehead.

Look for Pallas Athena in your chart and you will begin to see where you are brave, where you are wise, where you are protected, where you mentor and guide others. Also, where you are modest. Athena was worshiped as a virgin.

My question for you: do you have a favorite goddess? 

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