Hey! Where’s your Hera?

Jupiter is at 1 degree Taurus! I don’t know why I think this is so awesome this morning, but I do. Just tracking it all. Good things to come, good things 🙂 Jupiter, the planet of good luck and good feeling spreading out, settling down for his stay with the solid dependable bull. This also makes me remember that my Hera/Juno is in Taurus, in my 8th House, also at 1 degree. So who was this Hera? 

When I first started learning astrology, my teacher taught us not only  “the basics” but had us spend time with Vesta, Ceres, Athena, and Juno. I mean Hera. Sorry. I switch back and forth with the names. He called her Hera (he preferred the Greek names).

Hera was Zeus’ wife and the Goddess of Marriage. She became famous for her jealousy. Zeus, as you know, liked the ladies. And, interesting tidbit, Aries the God of War is son of her union with Zeus. Hera also had a bit of a temper 😉 The myths are fascinating stuff. Even a Google-search will busy you up!

Look for Hera in your chart to show what you want to keep, your loyalty, your jealousy, what you are willing to defend, where you want to be married, where you want to be “wife.” Which begs the question: what and who are you married to? Yourself? Someone else? An idea? An attachment? God? It’s all good 🙂 Just know where you stand… as you wait… for your groom… to arrive.

Note to self: Got Goddess? 

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