Hey Babe! It’s Sagittarius!

"new moon solar ecllilpse in sagittarius"
loving a sagittarius looks like this

The Sun that is. Has entered Sagittarius.

Can you feel your redemption coming? Is it on the way? Are you saved? Hallelujah!ย 

Later this week? A New Moon (and Solar Eclipse) in the sign of Sagittarius, the sign of prophecy and the prophet and one way this plays out is the holy roller!ย 

On New York City subways we get these Jesus Screamers and they really do scream. About salvation, redemption, SIN, all the good words (but as Maria McKee sang, You Gotta Sin To Get Saved).

Now how many of these folks do you think are Sagittarius? ย I admit I’ve met a fair amount of Sagittarius fanatics in my day (religious or otherwise). On the other hand though, one person’s fanatic is another person’s NORMAL.


The 9th House, Sagittarius’ natural house, Jupiter ruled, is the house of religion and I’m a religious girl for sure. There is 1) the Judaism of my birth and upbringing and 2) my attachment (ha!) to Buddhism and my love for 3) the Christian mystics and the Edgar Cayce material. See? I’m very very religious.

What gets me though (and this is NOT a Sagittarius complaint) is that behind the preaching is the assumption of “I know better.”

Those Jesus Screamers on the 5 train are screaming because they BELIEVE, they have FAITH that they know BEST. Silly humans.

And there are the rest of us. The quiet ones. We observe you preaching and shake our heads and think: the people in your life Cannot Stand You. Muthafucka. Yeah. That’s what the quiet ones are thinking. Mutha. Fucka.


Are you religious? How so? Let it out for the New Moon AND Sun in Sagittarius! Preach it baby!

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