He’s Got Venus In Virgo! What’s A Girl To Do?

"pisces rising"
pisces on the descendent

I am working with a client who is Pisces Rising and has a serious boyfriend with some Serious Virgo Energy and I was emailing her about how I thought his Virgo energy was working (or *not* working) in her life and probably driving her batshit crazy at times.

And I want to remind you that… we tend to draw in the people/qualities that we refuse to acknowledge in ourselves! How critical/fixy/fussy is she really?

And, by the way, I did feel that he probably was not aware of this quality in himself, and that a little awareness (and astrology) could do a lot of good. Virgos want to improve, right? So the solution is built-in!

Often… it’s not huge sound-the-trumpets breakthroughs that cause change. It’s these fine adjustments, nuances… AND THEN comes the cavalry.

See, they don’t have to end their relationship because of this thing he does. He needs to express the energy in a new way. And she needs to learn to be patient, not take it personally (none of this is easy but it is worth it). And they both need to understand it’s not a one-time fix but, yeah, process. VIRGO POWER!

What’s the sign and ruling planet on your descendent? Do you see those qualities in yourself?Β 

Note to self: so… if I have Neptune ruling my descendent this means I need to drink WAY moreΒ 


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