Here’s One For The Venus Pluto Opposition

"Venus in Cancer"
Guess which one has Venus in Cancer

At the moment: Venus in Cancer at 0 degrees. Pluto in Capricorn, retrograde, at 6.

The 4th of July‘s got me thinking about dead dreams. Dead dreams on the lawn like dolls’ heads. So many of them. I don’t know where this image came from.

With a  natal or transiting Pluto in the 1st House, the new self will arrive, be sure of that. And it’s an interesting view from the top of the mountain or from a distance. What I mean is: detatchment. When you start to see some of it, your past, from afar. The old lawn covered with all your old crap: old jobs, old lovers, everything that’s gone, what it meant. Ah, I know now where that image came from, the image of the dolls: Cancer. Cancer is the mother. Cancer is also, always, the baby.

Cancer Season is a meditative time for me, my birthday month. In the Chassidic tradition, we are supposed to go inward and reflect. Also, to give blessings to others.

What would my mother, the Scorpio, want for me? I remember, this was not long before she died… and I had just started dating someone new. I hadn’t told her about it (I usually didn’t talk about my love life) and she called and I was kind of… awkward on the phone. She guessed. “Is someone there?” I don’t remember what I said, but she said “at least you have some company.”

Venus Pluto people desire desire. Venus and Pluto together is a vampire’s kiss. Death and the maiden.

On a more chipper note: these two planets don’t have much to say to each other in my chart, a semi-sextile only. My teacher would talk about this aspect humorously. “So it’s what? Kind of a sextile?”

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