Here Is Your New Moon In Libra Intention (Part Two)

"new moon in libra" To say that I was a little rough around the edges when I started my relationship is an understatement. My late 30s/early 40s were a bit busy romantically but before that? Not so much. So I was a little rough. Around the edges.

Last night I was listening to a recording of a Tarot reading I had back in June, a Celtic Cross. The card for the past (and not the recent past but something foundational) was the Hermit. Yup. Venus in the 12th House.

Not all Venus in the 12th House people are Hermits but I had lived a long time alone. Even with roommates I had lived a long time alone. Lots of longing. Lots of alone. And some strange bedfellows.

And then I stop to reframe. I was religious for a while and dating in “that world.” I came close to marriage then. Maybe. There was a Virgo. There was a Sagittarius. I forget who else now 😉

I remember one time an astrologer looking at my chart and thinking it was lonely. No planetary action on the right hand side. OTHER PEOPLE. That’s where my long-term transits are now though so… the people are here.

Here’s the trick though. Here’s the DARE. You have to let them in. And you have to do it differently. 

"new moon in libra" I was writing about this on the Private Blog: Uranus is the esoteric ruler of Libra. Uranus (energy) doesn’t follow the leader. Uranus doesn’t stagnate. Uranus keeps moving, pattern-breaking, pattern-crushing (especially when Pluto is involved and Pluto is going direct around the same time as Sun entering Libra and the New Moon in Libra).

You have to let them in over and over. You have to do it differently over and over. Not just once not just once not just once. You keep committing. 

And this doesn’t have to be about relationships or romance– it can be about an idea. Like, sanity. Commit to sanity.

Who/What are you committed to? Who/What do you want to be committed to? You have a choice here. 

And if you, too, are a Hermit, you have plenty of light for thinking (hello upcoming Mercury Retrograde in Libra!) — the light of the mind, starlight, lantern, moon.

It’s yours.

New Moon in Libra at one degree. Depending on your time zone this is happening on the 23rd or the 24th this week.

Love, MP

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Tarot spread in honor of the New Moon in Libra.
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