Here Is Your Grace: Jupiter Trine Chiron Trine Saturn

"grand trine in water" You too can find the key if you slow down, pay attention, and look for it.
Even sideways.
Sideways glance.

Rachel Pollack (awesome Tarot reader and Tarot writer) talks about certain Tarot cards being “gate” cards.

“They all share certain characteristics: complex, often contradictory meanings, and a myth-like strangeness which no allegorical interpretation can completely penetrate.”

I feel that way about certain transits. Moments in time. Openings to Deeper Understanding.
Complexity. Keys, gates. Similar meaning for me here.
I love the word portal 🙂

Digression: the topic of forgiveness.
I never believed it necessary to forgive in order to heal. Never ever.
There is a lot of chatter around this topic. What other people should or shouldn’t do.
Love and light and hug the crystals and forgive your trespassers etc.
Well I don’t believe that. I believe to each their own. I’m not going to tell YOU what you need to do to live.

BUT yesterday I experienced a Spontaneous Forgiveness.
What I mean is that I wasn’t looking for it. Wasn’t planning on it. It wasn’t on my mind at all.
And I was searching for something on YouTube and I stumbled across this consultant/psychologist and watched a few of her videos and they spoke to me, triggered me. It was like getting tossed into the spin cycle, psychologically. And was standing by my altar and that’s when it happened. This spontaneous forgiveness and I cried. And then I found the wherewithal to ask myself: Self, do you want to forgive anyone else? And I did. I forgave myself too. I cleared the deck. I pressed the reset.

This is how I feel about Jupiter trine Chiron trine Saturn. A Grand Trine in Water. (Click on that link for my first post on this topic for more detail.) That it’s a gate transit, intricate and rich with meaning, discovery.

The image I’m getting in my head is of a pathway and there are stones and little lights every step of the way, lights like on an airplane runway. They look like jewels. They keep you safe. You won’t get lost here but don’t be fooled by the “trine-ness” of this transit. That it’s just some easy pie. As someone reminded me the other day, we have Jupiter here but also SATURN and CHIRON. This is a transit of compassion. You don’t have to forgive anyone. But do ponder forgiving yourself. For what you did do. For what you didn’t do. For what you didn’t understand. Your life is not a contamination.

Sometimes a song says it best. Songs are feelings. I’m listening a lot to Jami Sieber these days.

What are your songs for May and June?

And another question:
to whom do you pray?

This transit, if nothing else, will show you. Will show you WHO.

So like I said at the beginning of this post: slow down, pay attention, look for it.


Love, MP

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