Here Comes Your Grief

"new moon solar eclipse in gemini"

Or your sorrow. Or your confusion. Or your joy. What do you do?


I named this blog Astro Help for the Emotionally Intense because I feel like an expert in emotional intensity. It’s been a lifelong path to regulate my inner life.

My Moon in Virgo is conjunct Pluto in my 1st House. (And it does get better as you get older by the way.)

First reading I ever had with my astrology teacher, he took one look at that conjunction and said : intense emotions!

I understood myself, my life, in that moment. Why I was the way I was. Why I had certain problems, sensitivities…

Pluto intensifies what it touches.


Your emotions are not alien beings… and yet they are, or they can feel that way sometimes.

I was telling someone this morning who is going through the grief process for the first time: it’s like having a guest. It’s temporary but cannot be rushed out.

The Sun is in Taurus now. Comfort is key. If you too are going through a mourning or grief process, give your feelings a place at the table, a pillow to lean against, food and drink. Consider your emotions an honored guest, here to stay for a while and the better you take of your emotions, the sooner they will… tire of you 😉 and be on their way. I don’t mean emotions in general but when you are having a tough time.

The grief process does not… remedy itself in a day or a week. It’s PHYSICAL. Psychological shock manifests physically. You must be patient. You must give the body time. Give the mind time.


I am not a psychologist. My MFA is in Creative Writing 🙂 but I know trauma, I know grief, I fucking know PROCESS with my Virgo South Node, Virgo Moon and Pluto, Virgo RISING lol

I teach and preach Pisces, which is the other side of Virgo, because I am talking to myself as I talk to you. 12th House, Pisces, Neptune. Spiritual, mystical, faith. Rather than no boundaries (12th House) to your worry, let it be no boundaries, no edges, no ending to Spirit helping you, guiding you.

Bitachon is a Chassidic term which is higher than faith or belief. Call it trust. Trust without any doubt. Can you imagine this?

I feel like a doula sometimes.  A death doula.  A Pluto doula. Hold the person as the feelings pass through, out of their body. Holding someone, even when they are far far away.

This returns to what I’ve been writing about in my recent blog posts. Where’s your North Node? Are you living it? Your purpose is holy. What is it?


PS And speaking of process, most of my readings are by email these days and I can usually start within 24 to 48 hours (unless the week gets crazy busy and sometimes it does!) but not always finish within 24 hours. Usually have more than one person in process, in progress. I’m about to post a testimonial which talks about this process and I think she describes it accurately. 

Also if you want a reading for the Eclipse, I suggest you book time early. I like to have downtime in between readings and am getting better at scheduling it for myself 🙂

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Yes, I will be doing Mini-Readings (or my usual longer ones) for the New Moon Solar Eclipse! Late Taurus/Early Gemini very important! 

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