Here Comes Scorpio Season (October 23rd)

"mars trine pluto"Season of the Dead: when folks start talking about “the veil” and the veil becoming thin — that whatever separates us (here, now, earthly, reading this blog!) from them (THE DEAD), that whatever separates us… stops. And we can reach through. SEE through.

A longtime reader of the blog (her name is S.) just mentioned his. That phrase. Season of the Dead. We enter Scorpio Season on Friday. We ENTER. We go through. It is a place. We can go there. Come back. Go there. Come back. Or live both at once during these days. For some it’s already started.

Last night in meditation: there was going to be a class going on next door about halfway through our class and a door that separates the two rooms. A newcomer had joined us (actually a couple newcomers) and he mentioned that he had this another class to go to. In the middle of class then, the lady working the front desk came in to let him know, to take him, in the near dark (we sit in the near dark when we sit) to the door and through the door, to the other room.

And yet — none of us really knew or knows where he went, or why she was leading him. It’s what he said but who knows. All I know is, he left and went through the door, to somewhere else.

Scorpio Season is mysterious like that. There are doors. Do you want to open them? Do you want to go through? I do.