Help For The Emotionally Intense As The Eclipse Approacheth

It is possible to be really upset and to do nothing.

To sit on it.

To go back to sleep. For one hour, two hours, three, hours. Half a day. Until KNOWLEDGE. (Sleep is a metaphor here. Or not.)

In personal training/fitness circles they talk about exhausting a muscle until failure. You lift that weight until you no longer can, rather than planning a certain number of repetitions.

I want to suggest that some of you try something similar with your emotional life alongside the coming FULL MOON ECLIPSE IN ARIES.

Do nothing. Say nothing. Tell no one.

But not until exhaustion. Instead, until knowledge.

And the only way you reach this knowledge is by being quiet, going within, as long as it takes.

THE HERMIT. Mars is in Virgo now.

See the pot? Do not stir it. Not even your own. STOP.

A friend gave me this timely advice the other day and I’m trying it out. I think she’s on to something.

Now, this may only work if you’re the type to… NOT hold it in—

If you are the type to emote and expel. Exorcist style.

It’s an exercise in patience. An exercise in trust. That what you need to know shows up. That you have a core stability (and solution center) of feeling, being, and and action beneath the ferris wheel of emotional possibility, disappointment, and rage.

And that, my friends, is my Full Moon Eclipse intention.

Love, MP

P.S. Advice for people who tend to repress and hold in the truth, keeping it from themselves and others, supposedly to “keep the peace” and other lower vibration Libra machinations? Well, time to tell Libra to fuck off and GO ARIES on it. LET IT OUT. Be selfish. Be honest. Be above board. Be BRAVE. Break down to break through. Everyone will be grateful that you’ve finally admitted what we’ve known all along.

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