Help For The 12th House Venus Who Sang In Her Chains Like The Sea

"sun in scorpio"
Dylan Thomas: Cancer Rising, Scorpio Sun

Yes, I did paraphrase a famous poem in the title of this blog post, but the line occured to me as I was looking for another “jail” metaphor to describe how it feels to be Venus in the 12th House.

I never felt the way Dylan Thomas describes in the first stanza of Fern Hill, and maybe he didn’t either. But I suspect he did, despite the overwhelming nostalgia, which can be deceiving, Neptunian style.

I used to read and write poetry all the time. I got my MFA from a famous Writers’ Workshop, but never made a career of it. Not for lack of trying though. My point though is that, lately, poems, the desire for poems has been coming back to me and I find them as my blog posts lead me to them: today, a line from Fern Hill. Tomorrow? Who knows!

But back to Venus in the 12th House: the house of self-undoing, jail, prison, mental illness, drugs, escapism. Just a short list of the negative keywords but with Venus in the 12th, not all hope is lost. It just means that you, as a soul, have your work cut out for you. You want to float and merge and love freely but… better not. Better temper that Piscean Neptunian la-la-land with reality, with Saturn, with earth. So by all means, sing in your chains like the sea, but then get to work 🙂 And by work I mean, examine what you love, how you love, and what you want, and what you are willing to do to get there. This goes for Venus square Neptune as well, and Neptune on the descendent, Venus in Pisces

Once, in poetry class, when I was an undergraduate, my teacher said to us “Murder your darlings,” which meant that that really hot line you think is so effective and moving and makes your poem a POEM… well… cross it out. It’s probably leading you astray. It may merely be ego, attachment and not what the poem demands.

Now, I’m not suggesting you destroy anything except your denial, your refusal to see how you hurt yourself and Venus in the 12th House or Venus square Neptune often has more than a side of masochism, which has its time and place but, please, Venus, don’t make a lifetime of it. There’s MORE to be experienced than the pain of love! 

A story: married (or otherwise taken) men have always been interested in me and I see this as a manifestation of my Venus locked up in the 12th House. These men came to me. I didn’t ask for them. And I mean, they came to me at young ages: my mother’s boyfriend, my sister’s boyfriend. They each tried. Imagine a child going about her life, as children do, and a grown-up comes, or an almost-grown-up comes, to disrupt this innocence. Yes, I know, shades of Pluto impossible to ignore

As I grew up, the pattern continued: married (or otherwise taken) men seemed to find me and at times I was all too happy to be found. Venus in the 12th House feels invisible, IS invisible. Hidden. This isn’t the entire story of my romantic history, but the pattern was there.

Venus in the 12th House People, know this: it is not a compliment. It is not something to be devoured. It is pathetic and you need to look away. Opportunistic types feed on Venus 12th House types because they feel the famous Venus 12 understanding, compassion, love, depth, boundlessness, tears, willingness to suffer for love.

Know that you were born into this energy to reckon with this energy and that you are not a victim. Pisces/Neptune/12th House can easily stay the victim and NEVER LOOK UP but look up you must.

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