Help For South Node In Virgo And Other Woeful PerfectionistTypes


Relationships are on my mind. I’m compelled to use all caps again and YES I AM YELLING WHEN I DO THIS.


Relationships bring up issues we didn’t even KNOW were issues because BEFORE we were looking in the mirror and NOW we are looking at another person and they are looking at us and HELLO INTIMACY we’re not alone anymore and we are confronted with all the ways we try to control ourselves and everyone and everything around us (absence of flow, absence of faith) and MAYBE this isn’t your problem but it’s my problem (part of my problem) and I’m realizing I have a limited definition of… what I feel is okay.

And that must change. I must make… room.

Are you in a relationship? A new one? An old one? What’s happening? 

VIRGO SOUTH NODE PEOPLE or anyone seeking perfection instead of process, this post is for you. As someone said on my Facebook today, there are days for fitting into your clothes and then there are days for fried bread 🙂 but sometimes I have this TERROR in me and relationships are OPPOSITIONS (Me vs. We) thus WE ARE SEEN including the terror and it feels all quakey until the other person says that thing I was talking about here I LOVE YOU ANYWAY.

Those of you who are my Facebook friends and who participate on my page (and in my chat room) know bits and pieces of my story and know that there is food being cooked around here IT IS CANCER SEASON AFTER ALL and we NEED to be fed so PLEASE ALLOW IT GRAND TRINE IN WATER PEOPLE JUPITER SATURN NEPTUNE STOP GETTING IN YOUR OWN WAY!

Love, MP


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