Help For Scorpios Not That They Need My Help

Scorpios are in for an interesting ride upcoming.

Planets are beginning to transit Taurus this week (starting with Venus) and the stinger gets opposed, knocked off balance. And not only that but transiting Saturn gets opposed as does the North Node, all by Taurus the bull. She’s so possessive and stuff, dedicated to this mission.

There will be arguments, confrontations. Harmony? My dear Scorpios, others will be coming at/to you, even more than usual. What do they want this time?

Here’s a thought: maybe you don’t have to hate yourself so much, Scorpio. Maybe Venus in Taurus could talk to you about that. Touch your shoulder. Sing you something sweet. Does she have an agenda? Probably. But so do you 🙂

Planets in opposition, just like planets in square: they need each other.

Do you have planets in Scorpio? 

Love, MP


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