Help For Scorpio Risings With Jupiter In Their 9th House

By transit, she’s got Mars in her 12th, Saturn in her 1st, Jupiter in her 9th:

“Nobody likes Saturn in their 1st House. It can feel mentally/physically crushing. And Mars in your 12th feels like a fire you can’t put out because you can’t even FIND the fire but you FEEL the heat.

Okay, we ALL have crappy transits at one time or another BUT — at the same time – we look for the opportunity. That’s my job to show you the hope, the open door.

And that’s Jupiter…. traveling through your 9th House of your HIGHER MIND. That’s your way out. Your dark, beautiful mind (Pluto transiting her 3rd) that wants to learn and grow and DO. It’s also the House of God. Faith. Belief. PERSPECTIVE. And learning.

That’s why I said earlier…. if you want to learn something new… anytime from… March until the summer, July, this is a great window. If not formal learning, then at least learning what you might want to explore work-wise, business wise. TRAVEL. I know I know travel probably sound like a freaking pipe dream but your chart is screaming out for this…. exploration. Can be mental exploration too.”

A gal on Facebook (where I first posted this) added the thought that Saturn in her 1st feels like: PROVE YOURSELF! I remember this transit well. I learned what it was like to lose pretty much everything. To start over brand new. Some of what I lost came back to me. Was meant to be. Now, under my Saturn opposition and Saturn square Venus, I am getting glimpses of losses to come.

Another Facebook Friend, who just finished up her last (I think) round of chemotherapy used the word GRATITUDE in one of her comments on my page. I want to adopt the gratitude attitude as well. Pain is our teacher. Okay okay so we’re getting ANOTHER degree in the stuff. I’ve got diplomas all over my walls 😉

What transits are you going through? 

Love, MP


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