Help For People Who Love Moon Pluto People And Are Occasionally Driven Bonkers

"moon square pluto"
Jim Morrison : Moon square Pluto

Jazzzy One on Twitter had an interesting comment for me about my Moon Pluto: Hard To Kill blog post. She said, “Nice advice for Moon Pluto People. Got any advice for people dealing with Moon Pluto people?” I laughed while realizing it was a great question.

So what did I do? Research. I asked someone close to me and his answer shocked me. Offended me. Insulted me. See, I’m a sensitive wee crab lady (in other words, touchy) and you mean you don’t love ALL of me every minute of every single day even when I lash out at you like a crazy volcano wildebeest? Really? You don’t LOVE THAT? What do you mean I don’t have a sense of humor? 

Moon Pluto in Virgo is disappointed at the lack of perfection. Moon Pluto in Virgo whips herself harder than any opponent. But after he and I talked about it (and he gets major points for talking about it), I realized… some stuff.

And you know what he said? When I asked him how he deals with his Moon Pluto Person? “Hide.” He hides. Takes a break. A time-out. Leaves. Temporarily. And then I feel abandoned when he does this. I vomit terror.

There’s more to this story, how the rest of the conversation went, but I decided to edit it out 🙂 Suddenly felt my own need to hide on my own blog.

Know this: if you get involved with a Moon Pluto person, you will benefit, you will be fed, from the energy of the depth of the well.

And know this too: make sure they know that you love their guns but not when their guns are pointed at you.

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