Help For People Who Love Moon Pluto People And Are Occasionally Driven Bonkers

"full moon in taurus 2011"
jim morrison had moon square pluto

I’ve got no time to blog today so this is a repeat…

Jazzzy One on Twitter had an interesting comment for me about my Moon Pluto: Hard To Kill blog post. She said, “Nice advice for Moon Pluto People. Got any advice for people dealing with Moon Pluto people?” I laughed while realizing it was a great question.

So what did I do? Research. I asked someone close to me and his answer shocked me. Offended me. Insulted me. See, I’m a sensitive wee crab lady (in other words,touchy) and you mean you don’t love ALL of me every minute of every single day even when I lash out at you like a crazy volcano wildebeestReally? You don’t LOVE THATWhat do you mean I don’t have a sense of humor? 

Moon Pluto in Virgo is disappointed at the lack of perfection. Moon Pluto in Virgo whips herself harder than any opponent. But after he and I talked about it (and he gets major points for talking about it), I realized… some stuff.

And you know what he said? When I asked him how he deals with his Moon Pluto Person? “Hide.” He hides. Takes a break. A time-out. Leaves. Temporarily. And then I feel abandoned when he does this. I vomit terror.

There’s more to this story, how the rest of the conversation went, but I decided to edit it out 🙂 Suddenly felt my own need to hide on my own blog.

Know this: if you get involved with a Moon Pluto person, you will benefit, you will be fed, from the energy of the depth of the well.

And know this too: make sure they know that you love their guns but not when their guns are pointed at you.

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