Hello Summer, Hello Summer Solstice

"Summer Solstice 2011"
Cancer Sun, Cancer Moon

The Summer Solstice is here, the longest day of the year. What this means to me, more than anything, is air conditioning 🙂

But seriously, I’m just like you, you know? Trying to figure everything out. By everything, I mean my life.

Now, some signs are definitely more given to meanderings of the mind than others. Some signs are more introspective. Some signs are more… escapist. Some signs do more and think less. Are most of us a combination of it all, soul-searching AND action-oriented? Nah. Some of us CAN’T STOP trying to untangle the knots of the mind until we exhaust ourselves and those nearest and dearest. Yes, Virgo Moons, I’m talking to you.

So, how about something for the Solstice. What does the beginning of summer mean to you? What does Cancer Season mean to you? Cancer is our memories, our family, our past. Do you remember the smell of the grill? The sounds of people at the beach. I grew up in Miami so the smell of suntan oil is my brain on summer. I’m an American, a Floridian (although I wasn’t born there).  Bug spray. Being thirsty all the time. Sand on my feet. Wondering when can we leave this place and go HOME, back to the air conditioner, back to the HOME, safe, cool, dark, alone, away from… all these people and the smell of gasoline, the green station wagon.

That was an example of Mercury in Cancer, which mirrors our current sky. Letting the mind drift over the mind. Mercury in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn: the thoughts can get dark, disturbing. What’s important to remember though is that you are HERE, NOW. Not there. Not borne ceaselessly back, to paraphrase a famous line from a famous novel. You are here.

For Cancer, memories and the past can seem more real than the present. Maintaining one foot in this world is needed. Well, more than one foot.

What will you do this day to mark the Solstice? How will you mark time so that you remember who you were? And what meant the world to you on this day. This is your season, this is your time to… listen, again, to the birds inside, to the clock-ticking, to the fingers tap tap tapping. Return to your self, to the things of this world.

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