Hello Pluto Goes Retrograde On Monday

Pluto goes retrograde on Monday and I believe the outer planet retrogrades DO matter and these movements plug into already operating themes in our lives.
They are not new stories.
They are not even do-overs.
They are causes for reflection.
They do show new phases and slow-downs to the matters at hand (the house where Pluto is transiting).
And I promise you will feel the difference when Pluto goes direct again in September.
NOT that life gets put on hold in those areas but like I wrote above: new phases and slow-downs.
And what feels like stability.
Slow down does not necessarily equal stagnation.
Slow down means… SLOW DOWN.
And this could be good, very good.
All of life is about timing 🙂
Sometimes it is NOT time to change.
Which is a really interesting thought considering the Eclipse happens the day after Pluto goes retrograde and Eclipses are bumpy rides.
So it’s a paradox.
Are you okay with that?

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Pluto is not a new visitor to Miss X’s first house.
She is an early degree Capricorn Rising.
The least she needs to know:
1. This is a really long transit. Pluto doesn’t leave Capricorn until 2024 and it retrogrades back to Capricorn
2. you are changing. Inside and out.

And you know what?
I can’t predict every single change that Miss X will make or that will happen to her between now and then.
But I want to draw a card for her. One card.
About her 1st House Pluto transit which will oppose her Saturn again (by degree, exact).

And remember:
Saturn represents the structures of our lives.
And Miss X is Saturn-ruled.
And Pluto represents death and rebirth.
You feeling this? This tug of war?
Pluto vs Saturn.
Death vs. the Fear of Death
Change vs. the Fear of Change

(Which reminds me: I am thinking about FEAR today. About what fear feels like. How it squats in my chest and starts to flutter. How I am grabbing fear by the throat, looking it in the eye. Removing my hand from its throat, looking it in the eye. Examining it. Walking around it. Embracing it.)

Pluto has to come to town for Miss X.
Pluto has been in town a while now.
The more things stay the same, the more edgy she feels.
Miss X has a natal Sun Uranus square.
Is it only a matter of time, Miss X?
Like a butterfly in a box.

And the winner is…
A card associated with Saturn!

This tells me that The World is what’s at stake.
That this is what she will have IF…
If what?

And I couldn’t help it. I pulled another card.


If she can break free of what she has so perfectly and delicately designed for herself.
She is the butterfly.
She is the box.

Do you feel like Miss X? 

Love, MP

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