Hello Passion People: Sun Enters Leo Tomorrow!

"moon conjunct pluto in virgo"Sometimes we feel our lives in a passionate light. We see possibility, hope. We feel primed to create. Something. Anything. We wait for the muse of idea.

Today I did a reading for a woman who has a natal retrograde Jupiter and is approaching her Jupiter return. Growth of ego or self worth. It is needed. Time to take that inside-out Jupiter and put it right.

Question: what if you don’t know what your passion is: What if you have no gnaw no ache. That is fine. But if you do, the transits can assist you.

Overall I see retrograde (outer) planets as gathering and resting time. And forward motion as action time. So she was born during the dream time. She dreams of ego. I mean ego in a GOOD way i.e. her RIGHT TO EXIST. She can make the dream real for her Jupiter return. Be born.

One of the last cards I pulled for her during the reading: the Empress. interesting too because I pulled this double for someone yesterday. Women of passion!

The Sun enters Leo tomorrow and conjoins Jupiter (not exact but in orb). In fact, we are already under this cheerful hopeful loving energy (out of sign). 12th House for me. Guess I better figure out where to put the altar in the new apartment 🙂

Love, MP

P.S. You can still join the Jupiter in Leo/Saturn in Sagittarius class. We start Wednesday. Email me for details moonpluto@gmail