Hello! Class Begins This Weekend!


Some more details:

In case you are curious how my classes work –

Some things we’re going to be talking about in the March Class which begins this weekend — in a SECRET Facebook group.

First I want to talk about magick a bit – in general.
My view.
And I welcome participants views as well. What it is. And how I go about it, in my own life.

And it IS something I do. It’s not theory to me. It’s practice. I love to read about it yes but I live it as well.

And then we will be talking about certain BIG transits such as Saturn going Rx. Saturn going back into Scorpio in a few months. The last UR PL square. The Eclipses. The Nodal shift (in November).

From the general we then go specific, each person gets my take on their chart in regards to these transits plus I take questions and folks are welcome to comment on each other’s charts.

Tarot too — will draw a card at the start and a card at the end for everyone. And extras when folks have questions. As needed!

A special Tarot spread created for this class as well…

Also what’s also special this time around: the magickal details — so I’ll be bringing a bit of magickal lore or guidance a few days a week along with examples of some classic spells. I LOVE spell craft!

I am also going to create ritual or spell for each of the transits we will be discussing. Could be very simple. Could be more complex. We shall see…

There will be homework to create your own. At least for ONE of the transits under discussion.

And then finally the last thing I want to do is give personal magickal guidance for folks, according to their charts/transits…

For example: I may recommend blue candles anointed with Jasmine for someone and I’ll tell them why 🙂

Three to Four weeks. Learn as you go, participate as much or as little as you want 🙂

If you are interested in the class, please email me at moonpluto@gmail.

PS Stay tuned for news on the Writing Workshops! Planning a series of these, including a correspondence course! Fun fun fun FINALLY it’s time