Healing Fire: Chiron In Aries

Adventures in acupuncture. A no-brainer perhaps. That someone (me!) with Chiron in Aries would be drawn to acupuncture. Why? Mars rules needles and asteroid ChironΒ has to do with healing (self and others).

The first time I had acupuncture, years ago, I swore never again. It was frightening, painful. What I thought was the sensation of chi moving through my body was unbearable. I know now that wasn’t chi. It was someone who didn’t know their shit.

Flash forward: for a recent (since the spring) nagging health problem I decide to try it, based on the recommendation of a friend who has been going to Mr. Lee for years and who Mr. Lee has cured. I trust the triple Pisces. And he’s Aries and I don’t know where his Chiron is but a warrior (Aries) is what’s needed to deal with my needle-fear and worry. Break on through to the other side, Mr. Lee!

First session: it went fine despite my near panic attack and wanting to leap off the table. Once it was over, I felt like a brave soldier. And afterwards I had 6 hours of BLISS. I came home and alerted my roommate: Β I just had acupuncture. Leave me alone. Can’t talk πŸ™‚

Second session: more difficult. More needles. Β And the ENTIRE time I had to pee REALLY BAD. And afterwards, some relaxation but no bliss, not like the last time. And I felt sad but in Cancer-land (I have Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Cancer) crying is *not a bad thing*

I decided not to judge this experience. That I had had TWO different experiences. Big fucking deal. Wanting to hold on to any emotion is sweet but foolish. Doesn’t work like that. So I sat with it. There it was.

In the days following I did not feel sad but as a Cancer a mood a minute is a given so that’s not really the point here. The point is that it has been helping me already. Helping me so much that the MD (who I also saw that week) who prescribed me a medication, well, I may not take it.

I may have neglected to mention that my Chiron in Aries resides in my 8th House. Whatever is uncovered, whatever wants to be freed, whatever Β is set in motion due to the healing fire of the needle is deep stuff, old stuff, old as… acupuncture?

Chiron in Aries chases healing. Hunts it down. Is it that way for you too?

How do you get well?Β 



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