Harvest Moon: Full Moon In Pisces, Monday September 12th

"full moon in pisces"
Put down the burden down

Sometimes you have to take a break from your own transits. Sometimes it’s the only way to stay sane. What I mean is: ostrich. Look away. Dunk your head. And I don’t mean in a barrel of vodka, which would fit one Pisces cliche. Instead, try dunking your head in spirit, in prayer or meditation. Such things are also the domain of Pisces but without the hangover. Maybe.

And then there is the idea that you don’t need to do *anything* at all. Just stop. Look out the window. Stare into space. Instead of taking the chart out (which I’m always telling you to do), put the chart away. Take a break. And when you return? It’s fresh.

Now you could of course look in your chart and see where this Pisces Full Moon will be doing her thing and I’m all for that. But if you are struggling, with transit A, B, C, or D, allow yourself space. Look away. Pretend it’s all resolved. Pretend the problem doesn’t exist. Visualize. Edgar Cayce, Pisces, beckoned us to “use our imaginative forces.”  Imagine yourself perfect, whole. How’s that for a Pisces Full Moon exercise? That you are as whole, as full, as the Harvest Moon.

Here’s this from Wallace Stevens: “It’s a strange courage you give me, ancient star. Shine alone in the sunrise, toward which you lend no part.”

Full Moons are when “things come to light.” Expect, during these couple weeks, to receive news, revelation, insight, expect to receive what shines alone in the sunrise, strange courage. And put the burden down.

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