Hard Transits, Hard Times (Part Two)

"moon pluto"
Letting go...

When our lives change in big ways, we tend to lose people. At least I do. Not everyone can come along for the rest-of-our-lives ride. I remember when my mother died, I lost a close friend. She stopped coming around and that made me angry. I wrote her a note. She wrote me one back and cut up my note into little pieces. She had big loopy artsy handwriting. (I actually had something else to say about her here, but I edited it out.)

Anyway (smile), when our lives change, we lose people. It seems like it’s part of the deal, part of the pruning. Transiting Saturn squaring my 11th House of friends assures this for me at the moment but it’s bigger than that. It’s the way… losing works. Yes, losing. I like these words that have lousy meanings: losing, loser, failure. I embrace them. I give them candy.

So I look around at who is in my life and I wonder who’s next, who won’t make it, who’s left?

I was writing to someone this morning, telling him that even in my worst transits, I didn’t lose EVERYTHING. I may have lost *almost* everything but that almost MATTERS and is the difference between life and death. And some people? They just keep on falling.

Thinking about my life right makes me think of playing darts even though I’ve never played darts in my life. You take a shot. That’s it. And you hope for the bullseye.

What about you? What did your WORST transit leave behind? What was spared?

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