Hard Transits, Hard Chakras (Uranus Square Sun)

"uranus square sun" I left New York because my Root Chakra fell apart.

It’s as simple and as complex as that. I left New York. Not everyone can say that. Not everybody leaves.

My transits not only made it possible, they made it inevitable.

We don’t want our Chakras tight and tough. We talk about open Chakras and spinning Chakras and healing Chakras and blocked Chakras.

I’m listening to this song called Michigan today. I don’t usually pay much attention to lyrics. I’m more of a melody person but the evocative chorus got me–

Michigan’s in the rear view now
Keep your hands where I can see ’em
You took the words right out my mouth
When you knew that I would need ’em.
What am I supposed to do now?
Without you–

But I didn’t leave anybody behind, there. And I took what I needed to take.

In more cheerful news: I started a new Facebook Page – in part to collect some of my current obsessions: chakras, crystals, soul mates, and sex. I guess soul mates and sex isn’t a new obsession but somehow it all just fit under my Sacred Jelly Tarot banner as I was, the other day, opening my Sacral (and watching all manner of Chakra videos on YouTube, getting inspired) and feeling my creativity stream back to me in a big way — after I did these “exercises.” Not a whole lot is going on there at the moment, on the new Page, but we have time.


Class starts this week. Are you in? Write me for the details.