Hard Transits And What To Do When They’re Done

"saturn transit"

The dangerous ones are the ones who have nothing left to lose.

They are Pluto or Saturn-scarred most likely. Perhaps a t-square of slow moving planets that lasted years and they lost it all, or most of it. Lucky if sanity remains.

And they’ll either have a strong destroying urge (to match everything else they know i.e. gone gone gone) or they will cling to the lifeforce like a pit bull clings to a chew toy with her teeth.


Ever seen a pit pull cling to a chew toy with her teeth? A thing of beauty.

But someone like this is ripe for fearless holy adventure, ripe for teaching. Us.

These folks have been where you don’t want to go and they can tell you all about it — if they still have mouths with which to speak.

Like Persephone, back from the underworld.

Are you like this? Or know someone who is? 


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