Happy Sun In Gemini! New Moon Solar Eclipse In Gemini!

"new moon solar eclipse in gemini"

What kind of person are you?

I’m the kind of person who… will buy a brioche with chocolate from the swanky (but not expensive) Italian bakery and eat it slowly over the late morning AND buy fresh-pressed organic unsweetened cranberry juice for my bladder.

I need sweet luxury and I watch my health.

Welcome Sun in Gemini, with planets still in Taurus.

Gemini says: DO BOTH.


I didn’t blog yesterday and it feels like I’ve been gone a lifetime. Wasn’t feeling so well and thought I had a UTI thus the cranberry oh jeez this really is the New Moon (and transiting Node in Gemini) squaring MY natal North Node in Pisces in my 6th House: HEALTH.


Have you discovered the Eclipse in your chart yet? Zero degrees Gemini. But you also want to look at late Taurus and if YOU are a late Taurus or an early Gemini? Hmm… .Share with us the energy of your day, of the next two weeks even.


So this morning I was on the train, heading to the city to visit a kitty cat, a frail little thing, and on the train I was reading a most awesome Jeanne Avery book and I began to think about the Sagittarius side of this day. Sagittarius opposes Gemini on the wheel and Eclipses come in pairs so the one today is Gemini and the one in two weeks is Sagittarius and I began to think of heaven.

Why heaven? Ms. Avery was talking about Saturn being earth and Jupiter being heaven (reaching for the stars!) and how some Sagittarians tend to…. overdo or overshoot or hope for the best and they need Saturn to… give their plans reality. Where you have  Jupiter or Sagittarius in your chart is where you will keep coming back for more 🙂 The eternal optimist.

And I thought to myself: Self! This Eclipse will bring not just one change, it will bring one and two and three and four. Multiple. There will be many heavens. Heavens of all kinds.


What To Expect From This Eclipse:


information and not all of it clear. The New Moon squares Neptune. You don’t need to decide.


the New Moon squares Chiron (wider orb). It can get better. The House where the Eclipse is taking place has the information, has the guidebook. The other houses have the details, the vision, the horizon. They say Chiron “can’t be healed” and that’s fine. BUT maybe healing or solving isn’t the point.


the New Moon squares Mars (again, a wider orb): emotions and details don’t always mix i.e. it can be hard to fine-tune the details when you’re flooded with tears or rage or tears of rage. Take breaks. Rest. That’s what I did. I am waking up from a most awesome nap before continuing my readings.


the New Moon sextiles Uranus: if you can wait, if you can take your time, if you can resist the Uranian need to break out or disrupt… the solution will come. See #1 above.


And of course the New Moon opposes the True Node in Sagittarius and thus there shall be a letting go, a permanent kind. It really is dead and gone. Find early degrees of Sagittarius in your chart. Some things, people, situations NEED to be dead and gone from your life!


Take comfort. Seriously. As I type this the Sun is newly in Gemini but the Moon and Mercury and Jupiter are in late Taurus.

May this earth buffer and balance you. May it feed you, delight you. May the world sparkle when you gaze at it.

Happy Sun in Gemini!

Love, MP

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