Happy Chanukah, Happy Thanksgiving, & Thank You

What are you grateful for?

Can you think of one thing?

No matter how small. Reach out of your sullen scene and find just one thing. Maybe two.

It is Sagittarius Season after all, and Sagittarius will hunt you down and make you happy đŸ™‚

Do that for someone today. A kind word, a joke, a covered dish. Something.

Tonight is also the first night of Chanukah and yeah I’ve got my menorah ready and my candles and the short “brachot” — the blessings — that I still remember by heart.

I love this time of year — the dark time, the light in the darkness, all the imagery of fire, the flame, the torch, the warmth, the box of donuts (traditional for Chanukah) on the counter đŸ˜‰

And I’m writing this blog post to say THANK YOU — to the folks in the classes, in the chat rooms, my Facebook friends, my clients, blog-readers who comment, my new “apprentices” — I’m grateful for all of you.

You know what’s coming. You know I have to pull a card. For this day. And how about a card for the transition — from 2013 to 2014. I know I know there will be more of such cards but… I feel the urge đŸ™‚

Card for Thanksgiving:  The Hierophant. Although in the deck I am using, this card is called FAITH

Card for Transition
:  King of Pentacles

Funny just yesterday I was remarking in Tarot class that although many in there were seeing this guy for their Daily Draws, I rarely see him, and yet here he is. And yesterday I wondered out loud if his absence signified that I NEEDED grounding. That I was living too much in Wands, in the fire, long on inspiration but needing my flame to steady.

Today though I am taking this card to mean it IS happening. The steady, the ready, the reliable, the practical, the grounded, the action, the skills, the knowledge, the foundation is upright and will continue to grow in 2014. I just have to claim it. YOU just have to claim it. No one crowns you a King here. YOU crown yourself. That you are ready to lead. To start where you are and lead. And I’m not talking about taking over the world. I’m talking about leading in YOUR world which could mean — ending your procrastination. It could mean applying for “better” jobs. It could mean going to the library and reading up on financial health. The Pentacles are also your BODY, your health. Be a leader there too, the authority when it comes to your healing and habits. Pentacles are This World and the King knows what he is talking about.

Now in terms of the Faith card here — I’m seeing/feeling renewal for you. Holy renewal. A call to faith, a call to prayer, whatever your belief system, whatever your lack of belief system — that you are not alone. And if you need guidance then reach out. Ask for it. That you are part of a long long long long long long vibrational chain, from your own family of origin to your ancestors back back back to what you cannot remember, but you well know exists. Ask for visions and you will receive them.

The Faith card is a 5 card, which is “uncertainty” — but in the midst of the garden of uncertainty is blessing, is grace.

Can you feel that? All around you? You have to slow down to feel that. I promise you it is worth it.

What are you grateful for? 

Love, MP


I decided to take the day off  (except for urgent calls – I’m happy to field those) but on Facebook announced my BLACK FRIDAY/CYBER MONDAY/ALL WEEKEND LONG Astro/Tarot Special:

All one-hour Readings get an extra 30 minutes, to redeem anytime. Instant Message, Email or Phone or a combination. And you can divide up that 90 minutes however  you want, by time, by topic. Already someone has requested a 2014 Layout i.e. one card for each month of the year. For someone else I am doing part Tarot/part transits/part natal Nodal axis. Mix & Match! 

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