Happy Birthday To Me: A Venus Pluto Story

"venus opposition pluto"
Frankenstein and his Bride: Does she have a Virgo Moon?

So I had a fight with my boyfriend yesterday and became paranoid (Hello Venus Pluto!) that my lovelife, as I knew it, was over. I went about my day today as best I could, feeling miserable and horrible. Feeling very sorry for myself, a highly prized Cancerian trait 😉

And to make myself feel better, while I was on the train today, I began to write about it and wonder now if that’s… strange. That I was preparing for the worst and already beginning to process it. It was one way to harness all the feeling that was flooding me: to use my words.

Somehow though… each time something like this happens, we rise up again, Plutonian, like a fucking Frankenstein‘s monster, back from the dead, back from the dead, back from the undead?

Whatever. It’s my birthday tomorrow (solar return today) and all is well. The cats are fed, the bills are paid, the double Taurus roommate is trying on dresses. Normalcy. For now 🙂

Do you have a Venus Pluto story? 

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