Happy Birthday Providence!

"providence, rhode island"It’s not my birthday yet. In a couple days. I get introspective on my birthday. Reflective. I may even — gasp — brood! I’ll try not to this year. The up-side is that I may blog more 🙂

And I approach this day with a stark feeling. I’m still here, still alive. Those of us in this condition of alive-ness (it’s like the common cold!) have a precious job to do. To get well. And then some.

I’m a big fan of the Nodes. I’m obsessed with mine and I love to talk about yours in readings and on the blog.

The North Node shows, as my teacher would say, where we make steady increments. But it’s more than that. It’s our destiny. Karma. Providence! We must never stop trying to get there once we figure out the THERE.

I consider the North Node to be like a Saturn-point. Not easy to learn the lessons.

We look at the sign, the house, the ruling planet, the aspects, all the symbolism and keywords and associations we can discover. We mix it all up. We sleep on it. What emerges is a Picasso. Looks jumbled at first although we notice the beauty.

Eventually we know it’s a work of art. Your life is. Look in the mirror. What do you see?

So Happy Birthday to me 🙂 and Happy Birthday to all the summer babies, especially the Cancerians this week 🙂

Where’s your North Node? What does it mean to you?

Love, MP

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