Handling The Hard Transits: Errand Into The Maze

In my head, I couldn’t decide who I was talking to — my therapist, Jesus, or Martha Graham — but I knew that my friend mentioning Martha Graham’s Errand into the Maze was no accident.

And I didn’t know this until I looked it up. I’d never heard of it. I know who Martha Graham is but didn’t know the names of these famous dances.

“The work was performed by Martha Graham and Mark Ryder. Walter Terry, writing for the New York Herald Tribune (March 9, 1947) noted, “…the demon is fear, the deity is courage.”

Another online find: “Errand Into The Maze (1947), ostensibly the story of Ariadne and the Minotaur, is really about the conquest of one’s inner demons and fears, a psychological journey Graham took repeatedly. Miki Orihara, one of several who danced the woman stepping over the rope that symbolized the maze of her doubts…”

Do you know this story? The story of fear? Stepping over the ropes? The maze of doubts? The demon of fear? The deity of courage?

These are my words. This is my story. 

Well, those quotes above are not my words, but my friend was not wrong when she chose this dance for me.

Head first, headlong into my Saturn opposition and Saturn squaring my Venus as well — IN LEO. I am not empty of passion despite this square. But squares are FRUSTRATION. Aggravation. Discontent. Oppositions are OPPONENTS. Where is the inlet, the entry place?

“The empty leg” (astrologers would say) is the inlet here. The give. Solace? Relief. Release. Always with the same old words, Aliza. Always the same old words. I want new words, NEW dances.

What would AQUARIUS, my 6th House (the empty leg) SAY if it could speak. How would it move… if it could dance. How would its body move. Would it convulse. Would it contract. Would it be muscular like a Martha Graham dancer. Strong.

I am telling a story here but also trying to describe a process — that maybe will help you too. Instructions for the maze.

Uranus rules my 6th House. Uranus trines my MC. Boring boring, Aliza. This astrology is BORING. You know all this already. THERE MUST BE SOMETHING ELSE.


So I went back to watching the video of Errand into the Maze, searching for answers. Searching for AN answer. Something to grasp. WISDOM PLEASE, DIRECTION PLEASE. Mars is in Libra NO ONE KNOWS WHAT THE FUCK TO DO ABOUT ANYTHING. 6th House. Aquarius. T-square. Fixed. Her white dress. Okay. The story. Go back to the story, the  myth of this dance. Ariadne and the Minotaur. The demon is fear. The deity is courage. 6th House: what you do, every second of EVERY day. Aquarius there: create your OWN myths, gods, goddesses, demons, deities!

But there were so many stories about Ariadne on-line, overwhelmed, I gave up. Sheesh. I wanted SOUL, not information. Forget the words, Aliza. Go back to the body. I put the video back on. What do you see? Feel? 

Combat. She is fighting for her life.

And, see, she is mostly dancing alone BECAUSE she is fighting HERSELF (I should add that I watched this video without the sound) and yes, finally, eventually, after some struggle, she WINS, she defeats fear, and steps over the ropes — and her legs become so very very very long then.


I wrote a poem once with a line about wanting to be a dancer in my next life, and something about holding my arms out like the “swan street lamps,” but I’ve since forgotten the rest and the truth is… I don’t think about dance all that much until I remember that I love it and it shows up in my life, like this, a story.

At this point I could ask what transits YOU are under, but mostly I rather hear about the dance 🙂

Love, MP

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