Hallelujah! Mars Enters Scorpio :)

"pluto opposition sun"Why are we so excited for Mars leaving Libra and entering Scorpio? 

BECAUSE Mars has been in Libra since December 2013.

And for many of us, relationships (ruled by Libra) have been sources of frustration (Mars!) — lots of covet-aggression, refusal to own or express anger and yet argumentative, snide remarks, dithering, waiting for others to take control i.e. manipulating them into doing so by remaining passive, passing the buck, a bit too concerned with manners and how things seem i.e. when your house is burning down who the f**k cares whether the firefighter is nice? You just want them to save you.


If your relationships went to hell around Christmastime last year, and pretty much stayed there? The good news is that there IS good news. Mars in Scorpio isn’t concerned with correct behavior. MARS IN SCORPIO WILL BRING RAZOR SHARP CLARITY to your 2013/2014 relationship muddle. 

AND AS I ALWAYS SAY: I am talking about these planets and signs as energies! I have Libra people in my life. I have Libra clients. I love them dearly. Especially Libra Risings 🙂

But this Mars transit, due to its longevity and fornication with difficult planets in Cardinal signs (Pluto and Uranus) AND Jupiter in Cancer making it all that much bigger and weepier… it was just a f***king mess.

Other good news, besides the razor sharp clarity: YOU WILL BE HAVING MORE SEX AND BETTER SEX. The sex you thought you’d never have again.


Mars in Scorpio is strong and arrogant and profound, but can be spooked by their own feelings. BECAUSE they feel so deeply. You will often read that Mars in Scorpio is relentless, ruthless (a word I love) in their drives and desires – whether to bring healing to others or take care of others, or to dominate — or destroy. Sometimes all at once!

With Mars in Scorpio, you won’t have to GUESS — you won’t have to guess how YOU feel. You won’t have to guess how THEY feel. We won’t have that Libra ping-pong “whose feeling is it anyway” game going on anymore — despite the “hidden” nature of Scorpio. THE TRUTH WILL RISE.

The ones who are meant to be with you? They shall remain! And if not? #byefelicia!!

I really do think it will be that simple and quick. You’ll just know. You won’t waste any more time.

Mars in Scorpio, for me, is a snake. And I mean that in a GOOD WAY. Not as one of the “lower” animals or lower vibrations of Scoprio but as a symbol of transition and recovery.

Mars in Scorpio will bring us back — back to decision making, back to our power, back to LIFE.
And, yes, ready to strike.


Important Mars transits coming up!

Mars enters Scorpio (in the Big City) 10:25 pm today

Mars square Jupiter: August 1st. This transit could make you horny. Or just angry. Energy for you to use wisely 😉
Mercury square Mars: August 2nd. Girl, you know this is a cranky transit. Watch your temper, watch your words.

Remember folks: FIXED squares. No solution, mostly frustration.

Mars trine Neptune: August 7th. This is a dreamy creamy transit. INSPIRATION. Doesn’t have to be diffusion.
Mars sextile Pluto: August 15th. Mars and Pluto working together! All around helpful for health, work, persistence.
Mars inconjunct Uranus: August 22nd. Accident-prone. Watch your back. Those who aren’t careful make mistakes. 
Mars trine Chiron: August 23rd. Compulsive drive to fix something or someone and it works!
Venus square Mars: August 27th. Venus in Leo wants to be admired. Mars in Scorpio pretends he doesn’t 😉 Battle of Wills! 

Mars enters Sagittarius: September 13th! Mars leaves sexy Scorpio for runaway horse Sagittarius! Catch him if you can!

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