Grounding And Shielding Your 7th House Neptune

"neptune in pisces"

Where you put your energy affects your energy.

Reciprocal relationships feed you instead of drain you.

And it can be that simple — remove something, or someone, from your life and your life can flip into balance like flipping a Tarot card from reversed to upright.

I’ve been thinking a lot about visualizations and grounding and shielding lately. And I’m remembering to shield myself before I get on the subway these days.

Often I would imagine glass going up around me, like the windows of a car, dark windows, but then this morning I had an image of cellophane! Cellophane wrapping me up like a present and at the top a huge bow to seal it! I especially like that part. For grounding seeing my feet tied to the earth or for shielding, the tie at the top.

The thing to remember is that… how you do this is personal, individual. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are doing it wrong. It if works, it works. If not, seek wisdom.

How are these topics related? They are all about boundaries and transiting Neptune, now in Pisces, is slowly slowly slowly heading towards my 7th House cusp.

Where you have Neptune, by natal or transit, shows where you let in and where you leak out. The door is revolving and if you want to adjust who comes in… it takes just a little effort.

Do you think about boundaries?


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