Grounding And Shielding For Pluto People

"pluto in the 1st house"

As always, I’m thinking about process. Virgo types tend to do that. I’m not a Virgo Sun but I have a Virgo-heavy chart, and lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my readings, rituals or intentions to begin and end them and I realize the other day that I prefer a soft close rather than a hard close.

What I mean is that I would never close at all and after a reading would walk around ALL OPEN and I think that’s actually my usual state, but with doing so many readings I’m that much MORE open and then absorbing the energy around me.

So I was experimenting with a pretty tight zip-up (using a visualization) and realized that I don’t like it that tight. ย Sometimes I want to walk around with myself half-open or three-quarters open. Know what I mean? I feels good to me. I like to go out in the world with that level of focus and concentration, like every step is a meditation and lordy I felt it at the gym the other day, brought that concentration to the treadmill — wasn’t meaning to but I noticed it. ย I ran towards the light. I don’t know what the light was – reflection or streetlight but… combining physical exertion and mental meditation is… awesome.

Along these lines, my boxes came back from storage the other day and they’d been in storage for a few years and wow almost every phase of my life is represented in these boxes even though I had to get rid of so much.

I see my poetry books from when I was a poet, my playwriting books from when I was a playwright. My Jewish books from when I was traditionally Jewish. And always the spiritual books, Buddhism, Edgar Cayce, Astrology, Tarot, mystic Christianity… and one of the books, an astrology book, I took on the train today and the writer kept talking about the magnetism of various Pluto aspects especially Pluto in the 1st House, which I have, and how frustrated I get at being such a magnet. That I always feel people’s eyes on me. That they stare. It feels so uncomfortable to draw in energy. It is benign energy actually — I know there are people who get CONFRONTATIONS (perhaps the result of a poorly aspected Pluto). I don’t get that — I just get…. people noticing me, looking. It feels creepy because I can feel it!

So back to the topic of opening and closing and grounding and shielding and how this is especially important for people with prominent Pluto or those who get unwanted attention of any kind. Work with your mind this way and see what results. Experiment with different ways to protect yourself and to open and close after doing any kind of reading or ritual work.

Does this ring true for you?ย 



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