Great Start, Far From Done: Two Of Wands

There is always more to the story, underneath any confusion or stalemate that you’re feeling. At least in my life I have found this to be true. There is often always more than what I believe. It never fails to shock me. I feel this with Neptune and Chiron both direct now in Pisces. Every time I think I know the WHOLE STORY, I find out that I don’t. I even said to my husband today: “You know what? I’m not always right!” (He nearly fainted.)

This is Day Two of the month-long Tarot class, my first all-Tarot class, and there is still room if you want to join us. Email me for details. $125 by PayPal. Great for beginners or those who want to deeper/refresh/review their knowledge. There’s a great little group in there. Smarties!

I am excited because I made a discovery just now, a personal discovery.

A gal in the room was commenting on not really “feeling” the Pentacles suit as a whole and asked if any of us felt the same, about particular cards or even one of the suits and as I was wrapping up the TWOs just now I realized that the TWOs frustrate me as a whole!

I see the Two of Wands a lot (actually I used to, not so much lately) and was collecting meanings to share and dang I felt that frustration again but couldn’t verbalize why (and also did not share her frustration with Pentacles because Pentacles are “real” and Wands are idea (or ideal!) and I want to FINISH, want RESOLUTION. Yes I have a very Earthy chart).

For me, WANDS show progress and forward movement, inspiration/imagination but not completion. Fire grows but then burns out or gets put out. It has no leaves, roots, fruit… other than dissipating smoke.

See, the TWOs, following the Aces (essence of each suit, pure possibility) are so damn early in the process that… there’s just so much more to be done.

Not that the Two of Wands isn’t a good card. It is! Vision and success and the world in your hands.

And yet…


Love, MP

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