Grand Trine In Air: Grace

This morning’s Grand Trine in Air signs is active now on the East Coast: Moon in Libra, Mars in Aquarius, Jupiter in Gemini. If you’ve been up a while, I wonder what you’re feeling. Or *thinking* as the case may be. Observing.

I was tweeting about this last night, how a Grand Trine is how you feel or what you notice *after* the acupuncture. Qi flows again.

If you are a fan of traditional Chinese medicine, then you are familiar with their language of diagnosis. “Stagnation” is a common term and is the opposite of a trine. The trine is the open window and the wind rushing through it. Effortless.

Imagine a perfect morning. You have the windows open. It’s quiet except for… ? Birdsongs? Traffic in the distance? A conversation barely audible. The hum of the refrigerator. Clock tick. Your own thoughts. The blood in your body. What you need to do today. And if you live with cats πŸ™‚ you know that when you tune in to this quiet, that you can hear their worlds that much more clearly.

I was asking last night: should we set intentions for Grand Trines the way we do for New Moons? I think, at the very least, it’s helpful to be aware of the energy and then to take it with us for the rest of the day, assuming, knowing that we can, and it exists, it is real, like a little halo, high above our heads.


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