Grand Sextile – July 29th, 2013

So many thoughts oh man so many thoughts. About love, sex, desire, intimacy, truth, the 8th House, the 7th House, yin and yang and relationships and the Sun is in Leo and I haven’t written dick about Leo yet. My apologies 🙂 All of that will have to wait.

Astrologers have been talking about the Grand Sextile formation — a grand water trine, a grand earth trine, as well as the oppositions that are created, and it’s the oppositions that are the most interesting to me.

Mars and Jupiter opposing Pluto. Venus opposing Neptune. Moon opposing Saturn. And I’m going to spare you more of the technical details because damn I’m tired and I just want to get to the heart of the matter.

To me, the Grand Sextile is where you should be looking right now. It’s that simple. It’s everybody’s transit but someplace specific in YOUR chart. Where you should be focusing your attention. And the oppositions show the help coming in. See, oppositions don’t have to be do or die arguments, although they are what we don’t want to face IN OURSELVES. We don’t want to face our Pluto (the way we cause crisis) our Neptune (our escapism) or our Saturn (FEAR).

And yet in the form of other people, like the Court Cards in the Tarot, here they come, one by one. The messages and messengers are everywhere.

Are you feeling this?

Love, MP


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