Grand Sexile – July 29, 2013 (Part Two)

I’m not worried about the Grand Sextile.

Sextiles and trines feel pretty good (if we notice them at all). Oppositions are harder, yes, and the three ones we are dealing with all have a different feel.

Honestly, the days leading up to the (exact) Mars Pluto opposition were hard for me, but a square to my natal Chiron was also involved. PAINFUL. I had forgotten that Pluto’s retrograde meant my Chiron was getting it up the ass again. Damn centaur!

Venus and Neptune together is soft energy but insidious. Could be a trickster in your midst. Venus in Virgo is picky to the death. Neptune comes along to fog away your critical mind. Caution along these houses.

Moon in Taurus opposing Saturn is just ugh. I don’t like Moon and Saturn in any combination honestly. The Moon is your feelings and Saturn is cruel! I have the trine and it’s been said that Moon trine Saturn doesn’t know when to take a break. Saturn lends stability and longevity but sometimes you want NEITHER. If I were to break it down, I’d say the moments of this Moon opp Saturn are the hardest here. Taurus just wants to feel comfortable and Saturn in Scorpio takes a scalpel to that. Someone is going to push your emotional buttons. Harsh words.

Mars Jupiter opposing Pluto: I do think the worst of this is over (in regards to Mars) but it’s still in the mix. Mars and Jupiter amplifying Pluto. What is Pluto? OBSESSION. And sex (which is about power). Oppositions are *not* soft aspects and Jupiter is making us feel good so… pay attention to that nauseated feeling you feel underneath the icing. Jupiter Pluto is an ethical problem. Bad sheep thinking they are good. Are you doing what you are doing for the right reasons?

So we can look at it this way. This Grand Sextile is all about your addictions, what you refuse to see clearly. The oppositions show the monkeys on your back and the trines (which create the sextiles) are your salvation, where to focus to keep your head on just a little bit straighter. Jupiter is your very own holy roller 🙂

But, again, I’m not worried about this. Transits come and transits go and this one is… it’s still magical to me. Should today in particular flow better? I think so. And if you don’t feel this? Draw it down. You will be able to draw it down.

One card: 5 of Swords. This card to me is a card of NEW SKILLS. You think you’ve been defeated but actually you are still in the game. Don’t worry about anything or anyone else. Just do your thing.

Love, MP


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