Grand Cross CROSSROADS x Which Way Will You Go?

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I am attempting to describe the ENERGY of the Cardinal Grand Cross (happening in a sky near you this April) as I understand/feel it.

I’m glad Saturn in Scorpio is not part of the April Astro Avalanche 😉

Crosses are Big Squeezes — squeezes by the people in our lives, their unconscious desires and conscious frustrations. OURS too. And fate. What we must witness and/or experience. 

The houses of your chart talk to each other. So many combinations due to this Cross.


Jupiter square Uranus in your chart will mean one thing vs Jupiter opposition Pluto vs Jupiter square Mars.

Go around the wheel for yourself. Pick out the stories you see. Break it down. Jupiter is the storyteller, the seer. Start there.

Or start with Mars: your PASSION.

Or start with Pluto: COMPULSION.

And then there is Uranus. FREEDOM.

And there are more keywords of course 🙂

Go around the wheel. How many stories do you see?  Which ones MUST BE TOLD NOW? Which ones are on hold? Which ones will culminate in April? Or maybe the Cross and its potent degrees don’t affect you at all.

So many interlocking and intense stories (and storytellers! the players in your lives…) but I think many (bright side alert!) will see their lives come together. SUCCESS CAN BE STRESSFUL TOO. GETTING WHAT YOU WANT CAN BE STRESSFUL TOO. The cross is stable. But the parts are moving. You are strung up yes but you aren’t dead. Four legs to the table. You have complete range of motion. You are a DANCER. You are a HEALER. Pluto is the most slow. Mars is fastest. I think the Mars Pluto square is the magic here. The dark horse butterfly dancer magician. For once Mars Pluto can light our way 🙂


It’s a pretty neat trick. How you root yourself now and a month from now. This Grand Cross is about your roots. Where are you from? Where are you going? WHERE ARE YOU NOW, RIGHT NOW, ON THE MAP? YOU ARE HERE.

When I get out of the subway before I leave the station there is often a street map letting me know I AM HERE. But WHERE IS HERE?

I see the cardinal houses in my chart lit up in my minds eye. LIKE A PINBALL MACHINE. Ding. Ding. Ding. Dingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingding! ! ! ! !

The chaos you may feel is due to not knowing where the next silver ball emerges.

So you hold on to your chakras!  You grasp the sides of the machine. And you keep pressing the silver buttons to activate those flippers. You can’t stop! Keep the ball in action. IN PLAY. (And that’s the secret of the secret isn’t it? Play. Detaching from Ego. Allowing God’s will.)

If you start to freak out because you are reading too many doomsday reports about April, remember these two things (and call me for a consult if you feel inspired)

1) Saturn is not part of this. We are not paralyzed or stuck. In fact the opposite is true. Cardinal signs are best equipped to handle this because Cardinal signs MOVE. Dynamic, creative changers. 


You are dynamic and stable-table-strong simultaneously. Grasp this and you grasp the next year of your life.


Love, MP

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