Got The Outer Planet Blues?

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I get really happy when I look at someone’s chart and see a well-aspected Saturn because it means they can do the work, they can rise to the occasion. Not that you can’t, if your Saturn is less than gracious to your chart but… the well-aspected Saturn peeps have a leg up. Of course you can look for how Capricorn planets are or aren’t aspected in your chart. Your 10th House situation is another way to explore how Saturn does his thing in your natal.

But back to the happiness part. When I see a well-aspected Saturn in someone’s chart, I feel “GOOD GOOD GOOD.” It’s similar to when I look at someone’s chart and see a Moon taking hits. I want to hold the person (damn that Cancer Sun of mine).

No bad aspect is a “death sentence” but yeah it fucking makes things harder. Just as certain aspects make things easier. Anyone with a helping of Sagittarius or Jupiter (esp well aspected) is no doubt grateful for it and it’s more than a case of just taking what you can get.

Still on the topic of outer planets, a word about Pluto: today in an email reading, I wrote to someone about her recent Pluto transit: “Pluto gives us pain before he heals us. Poison to get well.” Is this consolation? I don’t know but I think it’s true… and helpful if we think of ALL the outer planet transits as… ways we’re going to get well but damn it I just hate getting skinned alive, don’t you?

I have no wisdom today about breathing through the pain and meditation but I can tell you this, what I know for sure, if you can SIT with whatever comes up and I mean EVERY feeling, and SING at the same time? Try it. You’ll see what I mean.

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