Goodbye Mercury Retrograde

Mercury goes direct on Sunday, March 17th.


What have you experienced? What have you noticed?Β 

The more orthodox among us may wait (to feel better, to buy a new cell phone) until Mercury is out of his “shadow” but I think you’ll feel the light go on right away, life speeding up again, especially in the areas of your life where Mercury has been transiting.

I feel like my life went silent in my Pisces house but soon enough it will crank up again.


So I spent the day at Macy’s. Had luggage to buy. Not the whole day but it felt like it. Have you been? Macy’s in the Big City. It’s nuts with people Β and feels like a carnival. I was walking through the fragrances looking for a little bottle, thinking of TSA requirements, and from every corner of every room someone was trying to pull me in or walking up to me – smell this, smell that, want to try this? Try that one!

I have one on my wrist still. I thought I detected cocoa in it. Vanilla he said.


The Moon is in Taurus now. She will make sweet, supportive (hooray!) aspects to our friends in meandering Pisces: Neptune, Mercury, and Chiron (today and tomorrow) and then oppose Saturn and trine Pluto. This is good news. We need the reinforcements πŸ™‚

Taurus, they say, is lazy. Slow-moving. But unstoppable once they get going. Solid and stubborn. Reliable.

I have a Taurus friend who hates the usual Taurus descriptions although she does admit to being lazy πŸ™‚ And she is reliable (when she’s not being forgetful). She thinks the old books make her sound dumb, a dumb animal in the field.

Taurus for me means beauty, beautiful in a warm way, like Jessica Lange. And Taurus likes to surround themselves with what they like, what they consider beautiful and comfortable. It’s a priority.

I’m thinking of another Taurus friend who has pictures of herself all over the walls πŸ™‚

And although I’ve been witness to and been on the receiving end of a Taurus temper (more than once), I think they may be the most patient sign of the zodiac. The ones I know love children and have these beautiful lulling voices that calm you down.

When you feel at a loss, hold on to a Taurus. You’ll feel better.

It’s interesting though… thinking as I’m editing this post… the differences between water and earth… how we need them both but that water definitely gives something different and I can’t find the words. Maybe if I sit here for 30 seconds I’ll find the words. Or you will πŸ™‚

What do you know about Taurus?Β 


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