Goodbye Mars In Cancer, Hello Mars In Leo!

Oh Mars in Cancer, do you really have to go? Yes, you do. Leo is waiting. What do you know about Mars in Leo? Anyone? It feels like a holdover, doesn’t it? A summer thing, a summer fling, fall is FUCKING HERE OKAY! It’s almost here.

But we must give LEO his due and yet I rarely have the heart to give you a laundry list of qualities and characteristics. That’s what Google is for! “Mars in Leo people really enjoy… FUN!”  “Mars in Leo people are… PLAYFUL!” “Mars in Leo people are… WARM!” They LOVE board games! Courageous, ambitious, double-fire!

I want to know what you know. Your stories, anecdotes, love tales, gossip 🙂

AND you know what I’m gonna say next: find the Leo house in your chart because MARS IN LEO is going to ROAR THERE! I’m serious. You shall be double-fire-energized. (Mars will transit my 12th, not that exciting, but the psychic thing may ratchet up again and he’ll conjunct my natal Venus.)

And if you have a firey chart, you’ll get some groovy trines. Scorpio/Taurus peeps may feel the most agitated. Fixed squares suck ass. How’s that for today’s sky? 🙂 I’m in a mood; can you tell?

With Mars in Leo, expect the DRAMA in your life to RISE

"moon pluto"
Embrace your inner Lion! Mars in Leo is coming!


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